Steven D. Braverman


Steven is an accomplished

and successful Real Estate

Attorney. His private office is located in Plantation, FL

We are very proud and honored  to have Steven as an active Realtor at ​Smith-Johnson Realty.


 Susan Johnson

 Designated Broker/Owner/Realtor

           Smith-Johnson Realty   residential sales in Davie are Susan's specialty. The same qualities that made Susan a great golfer make her a successful Realtor. Her perseverance, energy, dedication, persistence,  and determination produce many of her RESIDENTIAL SALES IN DAVIE!



Charles A. Smith, MBA, LCAM

As Budget Analyst and Financial Advisor, Charlie watches over and gives recommendations regarding Smith-Johnson Realty's operations.

Nadege Skalski, Realtor

Nadege is fluent in 5 languages! As well as English, Nadege speaks French, Italian, Spanish and Creole.  An experienced Realtor who can serve you well. 

Bob Johnson, PCAM

A licensed Realtor, with a Degree in Marketing from St. Thomas University, Bob advises and supports Smith-Johnson Realty.

Flo Smith,Broker/Owner


Flo's background in Banking and Accounting led her to Real Estate.  Licensed for 39 years her experience is a great asset for guiding agents  at Smith-Johnson Realty.



954.424.7711 OR 800.475.8550


Smith-Johnson Realty residential sales in Davie

Steven D. Braverman






smith-Johnson realty residential sales in davie


Smith-Johnson Realty residential sales in Davie include Golf Course Community properties near Novasoutheastern University!

Smith-johnson Realty Residential Sales

Bonnie Izzo, Realtor

With a background in investing and Real Estate, Bonnie is an asset to Smith-Johnson Realty.  Bonnie is now Smith-Johnson's RENTAL MANAGER, Bonnie's energy, dedication and determination are of great value to her clients.

Brooke Gehr, Realtor

Brooke developed her knowledge of homeownerhip from working with contractors and developers.  Woodmont and Westwood are her areas of expertise.



When Susan Johnson left the LPGA as a touring pro, her first job in her new life was as a Real Estate Secretary  near Fort Lauderdale Beach. 

FloSmith, Broker/Owner and Susan's mom, encouraged her to get her license and join her as a Realtor in a Prudential, Plantation office.  As Realtors, it did not take Susan and Flo very long to join the TOP 2% of Realtors in the United States and Canada for Prudential!

It was time to spread their wings, and open their own office.  In 2000, Smith-Johnson Realty was created

Susan and Flo are proud of their success with residential sales in Davie.  They are a powerful team.  Many offices had to close their doors during the recent recession.  However, Smith-Johnson Realty continued with their residential sales in Davie.


Our Realtors will tell you how well they train and support them.

Flo Smith, Broker/Owner has published a book for new agents.  Together, Flo and Susan presented programs at the Miami Board of Realtors, Plantation Office and in Port St. Lucie, based on the book, to encourage and educate newcomers to the field.  Fort Myers Board of Realtors has used the book to train their new agents for years!


As a former touring Golf Pro, and current LPGA Member, and having been born and raised in the Fort Lauderdale Area, Susan Johnson, Broker/Realtor/Owner can find you the Golf Course Community property you are looking for. 

Smith-Johnson Realty also works with Nova Southeastern University students and staff, finding homes and rentals with care and experience. 


Listing properties for sale, however, is the specialty of

Smith-Johnson Realty.  Marketing, is Flo's field of expertise. When listing with Smith-Johnson Realty you can rest assured you are getting the BEST EXPOSURE, and therefore the BEST PRICE for your property.